Top 10 web design trends 2019

February 7, 2019

We are already heading towards the end of this decade because it is 2019. In this decade we have witnessed massive changes and innovations, especially in web technologies.

More and more people are using smart devices, use of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and many new technologies are on the rise. Even in web design the trends are always changing and has changed a lot now from the beginning. So, if you are a front-end designer then it becomes necessary for you to not just be aware of these trends but also be ready to adopt and implement them.

Gone are those days when knowing grid layout, using stock photos, asymmetric layouts were enough for a designer but now industry demands innovation in design.

Now web designing paradigms is shifting towards smart designs by implementing artificial intelligence like never before. Mobile responsive now plays the most important role while designing a website.

A web designer must keep in mind that web designing style is constantly changing and one has to be innovative and adoptive enough.

In this article, we have listed the top 10 development in the web design world. But as web technologies are constantly changing, there may be new topics not covered in this article.

  1. Pattern design (Black and white)
  2. Chat-bots
  3. Video Content
  4. Organic Design
  5. Overlapping Elements
  6. Large Navigation
  7. More white space
  8. Glitch Art
  9. Typography Design.
  10. Virtual Reality Websites
  1. Pattern Design (Black & white)

We all love colorful things around us and brands already know this so they use vibrant colors in their websites. Most of the time, 4-5 colors are used including the brand color. But what if only black and white colors are used? Well, sometimes it may not look attractive in the real world but in recent few years, this is a trending design and even in 2019 this style is still relevant. The main reason using this particular pattern is it plays a psychological factor. When we visit these websites, our subconscious mind remembers these websites and thus helps their brands to be memorable. These websites look super modern and solidify brands so you can use it in your design if it aligns your business goal.

2. Chat-Bots:

Gone are those days when human agents used to be present all the time to answer your queries in a business website. Although, this has not totally gone and still business houses hire agents to answer visitor’s queries live in their websites but the use of chatbots are constantly increasing and replacing the real human.

It is obvious that for some people, this is bad news because their jobs will be taken by robots but chat bots have significantly reduced cost and they can efficiently interact with visitors.  

We believe that robots don’t show emotions like real human but they can be programmed to work more efficiently than real human beings.

In 2019, the demand for chat-bot programmers and designers will significantly increase.

Integrating chat-bots in a website looks more lively and visitors feel that there is someone who cares about their needs. It helps your brand to grow and you can retain more clients.

3. Video Content:

In a few years, we have seen how people are more into videos than plain text content. Our human eyes and brain are genetically adaptable to visuals than reading something.

With quality, informative videos, you can qualify your leads and even convert them. Sometimes, when we visit some websites, we see high-quality high definition videos running above-the-fold in the background and they simply look awesome.

Website with video content helps your visitors know more about your brand and what you are trying to sell.

It also makes a website more interactive and enhances user experience. Videos play a crucial role in building a powerful brand.

4. Organic Design:

From the prehistoric period, our ancestors have been seeing organic shapes of things in nature like trees, animals, mountains, ponds so our minds have already adopted these shapes more than unusual shapes like straight lines. We all are familiar with flat designs in websites but nowadays more and more designers are using organic shapes in their designs. These patterns feel more organic and look really stylish in a website. So, as a web designer, you must think of implementing these natural shapes in your design. Try replacing shapes like squares or circles with shapes of torn paper, lakes and many more natural shapes.

5. Overlapping Elements:

When learning website designing, this particular topic should not be avoided as this trend is so common that the next website you are going to visit may have used this technique in their website. We are accustomed to seeing web elements taking their own space in the web-page but unlike traditional designs, this technique uses overlapping of elements. This layout is closely related to broken grid layouts and also asymmetry design.

This method is used for certain elements and done carefully to get that purposeful look. However, this is not for beginners because it is not certain that what type of screen size your visitors going to open your web-page. Overlapping elements require a good calculation and different screen sizes must be considered while designing it. A wrong calculation can irritate and confuse your visitors making them close your website which will certainly be a horrible thing for your business.

6. Large Navigation: 

There are continuous evolution and innovation in the navigation of websites. Navigation plays an important role in a web-page so designers invest their time in learning and implementing attractive effects and designs. Recently, there is a trend of large navigation and in 2019, this trend is likely to increase. Usually, big fonts are used with hover effects and animations. Using large navigation seems like it plays an important part in the website home page. Although this type of design is not very common but designers are often using them.  

7. More white space:

Websites built before the year 2000 and early 2000 were designed with elements with less space and crowded with mostly text and other elements. But recently there is a trend of letting elements to breathe in web-pages. Websites are designed with more and more white spaces and we believe that these types of websites are elegant, clean and fulfill visitor’s needs more efficiently.

This type of design is growing rapidly and as a web designer, you should implement this technique and impress your clients or boss.

8. Glitch Art:

We all fear glitches in our digital assets and sometimes they are an absolute nightmare. But what if we use glitch effects in websites?

Well, in modern web designs, designers are using glitch art to make their designs look stylish, attractive and modern. Glitch art is a recent trend which is growing popularity in the web designing community. It gives a web-page an artistic touch and there is no reason to not learn this thing. Generally, text and images are given different effects and many more. There is no harm in using glitch art in 2019.

9. Typography Design:

Typography plays an important role in designing a website. It is always carefully chosen by designers. As a designer, your role is to experiment with typography. You can cut letters, increase their size, give them different shapes. You can add space between letters, color them with various different colors and many more activities. You can add animated typography in your page or whatever suits your website design.  

10. Virtual Reality Websites:

Although only a few handfuls of websites using VR technology, it is a futuristic project. As a modern designer, you should start learning how to code for making a website more interactive and implementing VR technology. We, have already seen in social media, how gamers use VR to make games feel more realistic. Using VR, especially in e-commerce websites will give your visitors an amazing feel and experience. This technology is the future of web so start learning it from now.

Learning the above technologies will certainly accelerate your web designing career path.

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Author :Tanmay Das

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